Plaster and Lath

ALC is one of the only remaining signatory contractors that still does traditional lath and plaster work in addition to thincote plaster systems. Our plaster crews can do anything from simple knock-down or skip-trowel finishes to high-end acoustic/sound deadening and bullet resistant finishes. Our plaster crews do the work on many of the correctional and performing arts projects throughout the state. One of our proudest moments for our plaster crews came when Tony Bennet was signing at the initial program in the Performing Art Center (PAC) in Appleton, WI. Mr. Bennet asked for the audio equipment to be turned off so that he might sing from the stage using just the power of his voice and the superior acoustics of the building. His voice rang as clear and true as it has ever sounded. That was quite the endorsement from a performing icon!

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